Windows 10 build 10122 upgrade failure work around

Windows 10 build 10122 upgrade failure work around

Beta testing a new operating system is full of challenges and with any new build it could easily go south for you.

For myself I successfully upgraded an HP Stream 7 through three Windows 10 builds but the latest one, 10122, brought me to a screeching halt with a DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE error.

I ultimately had to clean install build 10074 and then upgrade to 10122 to get the new build up and running.

It is possible that my issue may have been related to the one being seen by other Windows Insiders on Surface Pro 3 devices since apparently the recommended fix from Gabe Aul on Twitter can address this install failure on other devices.

Later on in the discussion, as I mentioned earlier, he also confirmed that this fix can help Surface Pro 2 users and those on other devices experiencing the same failure:

While I no longer have the option to try this fix myself it is a good example of the valuable telemetry Microsoft is seeing as we install and use the Windows 10 Insider Previews.

They are easily able to see how many people are impacted by different situations and use that info to triage and prepare a solution such as a patch or resolution instructions.

Any of you used this fix yet?

Source: Gabe Aul on Twitter via   NeoWin

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