Windows 10 build 10074 is upcoming Insider Preview Via @WinBetaOrg

Windows 10 build 10074 is upcoming Insider Preview

Today is a travel day for us as we arrive in San Francisco for Microsoft's BUILD 2015 conference which kicks off tomorrow with what is expected to be a keynote highlighting Windows 10 and other Microsoft technologies.

Since I am on the road that means the big desktop is back at home and I am unable to download and try out this build of Windows 10, 10074, which now appears to be the preview release for BUILD. Although, once it is released to the Windows Update servers then the HP Stream 7 that I brought with me will get updated to it.

In the interim our friends over at WinBeta have been very busy with this build and I want to make sure you all have some of this info so you can take a look at things as well.

First lets start with a video highlighting several new UI and what I would label fit and finish elements.

Updates that get pointed out in this video include new system sounds, Cortana opening into a slim Start Menu style UI when accessed and a 3D Live Tile effect.

In this story from WinBeta they show you how Windows 10 build 10074 has been renamed from  Technical Preview to Insider Preview.  That is a nice nod to the over 3 million Windows Insiders who have been testing Windows 10 since last fall.

And finally, if you are itching to try this build out, it is possible based on info from enthusiast website OSBeta that WinBeta has shared. They have provided links to the ESD files on Windows Update and you can use those to create ISO files with the ESD encryption tools and then install this build on your device.

Don't forget to follow us here as we bring you the latest from BUILD beginning tomorrow.

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