Windows 10 is 10% of total Windows traffic according to GoSquared

Windows 10 is 10% of total Windows traffic according to GoSquared

GoSquared is a UK based global analytics company that tracks website traffic for its clients so that those companies can stay abreast of activities across their websites.  They track thousands of websites that range from companies in publishing, marketing and ecommerce.

We did hear officially from Microsoft that in the first 24 hours of the General Availability of the new OS after its release on 29 July that 14 million upgrades and installs had occurred. Since then we have not seen any new official numbers released but speculation, which was based on other tracking companies stats, has placed that number anywhere between 50 and 67 million installs.

While we wait to hear from Microsoft with updated numbers on the progress of Windows 10 adoption, today GoSquared shared that users on Windows 10, since its release on 29 July, now accounts for 10% of the overall Windows traffic the company is tracking across thousands of its customer sites.

The top two Windows operating systems it is tracking are Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.

I have asked the company to quantify this 10% number to put it into perspective so we can get a real sense for how many Windows 10 users it represents across the websites it tracks. I will update this article once I hear back from them.

You can see their daily live tracking information for Windows 10 at their global stats page.

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