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Whistler Build 2416: Someone's Listening

Key complaints from 2410 are quickly answered in this new build

In Build 2416, Help and Support has been prettied up, just like I asked in my review of 2410.

Saints be praised: Windows Media Player 8 lets you encode audio in MP3 format!

A new Corporate skin is designed to make WMP8 friendlier to big business.

The File and Settings Transfer Wizard makes it easy to move from one system to another.

Thanks to some new options in Start Menu Properties, you can now cascade Start Menu items like Control Panel, My Computer, and My Documents if desired.

Whistler now supports a wide range of performance options.

System Restore is more powerful in Whistler, thanks to its per-drive settings.

Whistler will throw up this warning if you attempt to use a driver that hasn't been signed by WHQL.

New icons are pervasive throughout this release and I expect the final version to sport a completely new look when compared to Windows 2000/Me.

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