Where is my Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Where is my Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Microsoft released the second major update for Windows 10, known as the Anniversary Update, on the 2nd of August to over 350 million Windows 10 users.

That was 43 days ago and although they stated at that time it would be a slow and steady roll out because they had to get it pushed out to a lot of users it turns out that rollout might actually take until sometime this fall.

Just a couple of weeks ago I went to take a look at someone's computer who I had previously upgraded to Windows 10 and fully expected they would already be running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update since it had been released four weeks earlier. When I got there the device was still on the November Update from over nine months earlier although it was completely up to date otherwise.

Since it has only been four weeks since the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update I did not think much of it and I just went ahead and forced the upgrade using the Windows 10 Update Assistant like I did for all of the devices around my house.

Well today we have learned from Mary Jo Foley over on ZD Net that this roll out may have another seven weeks to go and that it might be wrapping up until early November.

"I received a Microsoft blast email just over a week ago that included a footnote that mentioned it might take up to three months for Microsoft to push the Anniversary Update to those set up to get it. That means those currently waiting may still have another month and a half to wait.

Here's the footnote from that email blast:

'The Anniversary Update will download and install via Windows Update. The download is automatically available to you. It will begin rolling out on 2 August 2016 and may take up to 3 months to reach all users. Internet access fees may apply.' "

I dug into my Inbox and looked for a similar email because I have been seeing these upgrade email campaigns as well. Unfortunately, I did not find anything and it is entirely possible I deleted it as a duplicate or information I was already aware of - i.e. the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is coming.

Since there are over 350 million Windows 10 devices and users out there it will certainly take time to get the upgrade out to everyone through Windows Update but I am not sure I was expecting it to take over three months.

As I mentioned earlier, many of you as enthusiasts have already upgraded your Windows 10 systems using the Windows 10 Update Assistant or the Media Creation Tool so you are no longer waiting for your update. However, this delay is likely to impact those family and friends you either helped upgrade to Windows 10 or they received it through the Get Windows 10 app.

So what should you do about the delay for those folks or even yourselves who might not have the upgrade yet?

Well using our guide to downloading the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you can use anyone of those methods to go ahead and start your own upgrade and then next time you are over at your family or friends house you can help them get the process started as well using the same tools.

Otherwise, if everything is working OK for right now, there is no deadline to grab the Windows 10 Anniversary Update so you can just wait for it to arrive naturally through Windows Update.

Have you already upgraded to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update? Did you do a manual upgrade or did it arrive through Windows Update?

Let us know in our latest poll question.


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