We're Still Supersite: What the Logo Means for Us

We're Still Supersite: What the Logo Means for Us

You may have noticed the fresh new look for the site's logo, and with it, the subtle rearranging of the "Windows" placement.

Rest assured, our Windows coverage isn't going away. At all. In fact, it's never been a more exciting time to cover Microsoft.

  • Windows 10 is only on 15% of all machines running Windows, so there's plenty for us to cover, from how to stay on an older operating system, to how to ease into an update, to how to adjust to a genuinely radical new way of working on your computer. 
  • Microsoft's firmly committed to a mobile-first, cloud-first world, and that's a really big story too. For computing users who came of age in a far less connected era, or who are still adjusting to a computing model where your work and play follows you from computer to tablet to phone, there's lots for us to cover.
  • And let's consider CEO Satya Nadella's latest edict: Conversation as a computer platform. We're certainly going to be looking into the brave new world of bots.

What is so exciting about all of this is how Nadella's steering the company -- and by extension, Windows -- into a wider world of computing. That mobile-first computing model is not one Microsoft owns: Android and iOS dominate it. That cloud-first world means taking advantage of OneDrive -- but it also means critically assessing the dazzling variety of tools and services available to users.

We are living in a multiplatform world where apps, not operating systems or hardware, shape how we approach our computing experience in work and play.

Our logo reflects that: we have been expanding our tech coverage to reflect emerging trends in how people work and play. We are striving to be a supersite for all personal tech, not just one operating system that's already in the process of reinventing itself for a wide and varied personal computing environment.

Thank you all for reading. Your comments and questions help us improve, and we're glad you take the time to let us know what you're thinking.

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