Weekend Surprise - Windows 10 Build 14385 for PCs and Mobile Devices

Weekend Surprise - Windows 10 Build 14385 for PCs and Mobile Devices

As last week came to a close, there had already been a total of 41 Windows 10 Anniversary Update builds released for PCs and Mobile devices since testing began on the soon to be released major update for Windows 10.

When Windows Insiders received build 14383 last Thursday, the 7th of July, most testers installed that build with the expectation they would be testing it until sometime this upcoming week on their PCs and Mobile devices.

What happened on Saturday afternoon, the unexpected release of build 14385, definitely caught everyone off guard as it was the first time Windows Insiders ever received a new testing build for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on the weekend.

If you have been paying attention though over the last few months you have seen the serious pace that builds have been coming out so getting an extra build, even on a weekend, should not seem out of the realm of possibilities.

So is this it for test builds and should we now be looking for one final build that will eventually be designated as the Windows 10 Anniversary Update final release for 02 August?

I don't think so.

The 19th of July is exactly two weeks before the the Anniversary Update is scheduled for release. I think we will see the final build, what we used to call Release to Manufacturing or RTM, that week which means this week is likely the last opportunity for build updates.

Based on the pace of builds we have seen up to this point, I believe we will get at least two, maybe three builds this week alone with one of them being another possible weekend release. That in turn will give the Windows team lots of telemetry to use to ship that final build the following week leading up to the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update a couple of weeks later.

I also think that final build is going to be 14400.

So, what do you all think? Any predictions out there?

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