Users want Microsoft to be more verbose with system update details

Users want Microsoft to be more verbose with system update details

Since the release of Windows 10 back on 29 July there have been five cumulative updates issued for the new operating system to remedy bugs and improve system performance.

The last part of the above sentence, bug fixes and performance improvements, is also the level of detail Microsoft has provided along with these updates. That lack of detail has also been a point of contention with IT Pros and enthusiasts alike.

In Microsoft’s eyes these cumulative updates are routine in nature and they have no plans to expand those details on the consumer side. However, as Rod learned a couple weeks ago while visiting Microsoft, there is a chance that those business and Enterprise customers who will use Windows Update for Business may have access to more in-depth information about the updates.

Any significant updates to Windows 10, such as Threshold 2 and Redstone, will have details publicized about those updates because they are considered major updates to the operating system and introduce significant new features. I expect the vast majority of those details will come through official Microsoft blogs and updates from the Windows team.

In the interim, we wanted to know how our readers felt about this lack of detail from Microsoft on these updates so over the last couple of weeks we conducted polls on both Windows IT Pro and SuperSite for Windows asking for your opinion.

By a huge majority, all of our readers across both sites want more when it comes to details about these updates.

Let’s take a look at the combined numbers for the polls:

Total Combined Votes: 1,262

1, 137 (90%) voters want more details from Microsoft while 125 (10%) are OK with the amount of information being provided.

The split on the IT Pro side of the poll is 94% in favor of more details and on the enthusiast side it is 85% asking for more info. Unfortunately, according to Microsoft’s plans, a large number of geeks are not going to be happy with the level of detail they will receive around the routine updates for Windows 10.

Like I have said before, this is the future of Windows as a Service where the routine updates become part of the everyday existence of consumers running Windows. Regular and routine just like the Windows Defender signature updates we receive nearly every day on our systems.

What do you think about Microsoft’s split plans to share more detailed information about Windows 10 related updates?

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