USA Today Sports App Gallery


One of the newest additions to the collection of Universal Windows Platform (UWMP) apps for Windows 10 is from print stalwart USA Today.

This updated app works on desktop, tablets and mobile devices - exactly as expected with a UWP app - that are running Windows 10.

If you are a sports junkie looking for a glut of information ranging from scores, game recaps, breaking news and other sports information that is both trending and broken down by sports then this app should be on your list for consideration.

Since it is available across desktop and mobile Windows 10 devices it also means you have access to your sports fix anywhere you are with your Windows 10 devices.

The app can provide you Hot game alerts and Trending news alerts on your device and even has a Lock Screen feature that will put the latest sports related images on your lock screen as a background.

Download the USA Today Sports App for Windows 10

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