Updated - Twitter restricting token access for Aeries 2 Windows 10 app

Updated - Twitter restricting token access for Aeries 2 Windows 10 app

Update at 08 Dec 15 at 3:45 PM EST

Brad has just contacted me and reports the issue with the mobile version of Aeries 2 has been remedied with him and Twitter. The app is being re-published in both the mobile and desktop Windows 10 Stores and should be available shortly.

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Back in late October, at the annual Twitter Flight developer conference, Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey took to the stage and started his keynote off by apologizing to third party developers for the way the company had treated them in the past and committing to not repeat those same mistakes that soured the companies developer relationships in the past.

Now this was a big deal because anyone who follows Twitter and its ecosystem knows of the 100,000 user token limit that has taken down popular third party apps over time.

You would also know about other third party developers who built apps and services to enhance the Twitter platform in its early days were left in the dust as Twitter added similar capabilities to the service over time - undercutting those third party developers and causing many to shut down their service.

Well it seems some of those commitments may have been short lived as Windows developer Brad Stevenson has hit an issue with his updated Aeries 2 Twitter app which was released yesterday as a Universal Windows Platform app for both Windows 10 desktop and mobile devices.

At about 9:45 PM in the UK - 4:45 PM on the US East coast, Brad began to receive multiple reports from users that the updated Aeries 2 mobile app was encountering token access errors which prevented user from tweeting, re-tweeting, quoting, favoriting, etc. with the app - basically any action that needs write access to the Twitter API. Users could see all of the incoming feeds without any issue. At the same time Brad was able to confirm that the desktop version of Aeries 2 was working properly and had full access to Twitter functionality.

Aeries 2 was in beta testing since July/August and there have been no issues with access to the Twitter API or functionality for the app. Leading up to the final release, the mobile version of Aeries 2 was working properly and it was not until users began installing and setting up the app that issues began to materialize.

Brad tells me that he immediately filed a trouble ticket with Twitter's developer support but it has now been over 20 hours and he has not heard back from them. According to Stevenson, Twitter states that they will reply within four days to these tickets but that sure seems like an excessive wait period to resolve an issue with some ones livelihood and paying customers.

Especially if you want to be working on improving developer relationships.

I asked Stevenson if there was any possibility that he has an error in his code that led to this problem and that Twitter could in turn point to as causing the apps failures and he said he did not think so because the desktop and mobile versions use the same library and code to access Twitter's API. The desktop apps API key is unrestricted and working while only the mobile API key has been locked down for some reason.

Just as we were finishing up our interview Brad received a tweet from a member of the Twitter Dev team in response to his earlier tweet to try and speed up the resolution of this issue and they simply pointed him back towards the Platform Support forums which he has already done:

The Aeries 2 developer continues the wait for a resolution with Twitter but in the interim he plans on re-releasing the desktop version of Aeries 2 by the end of today so that users can at least use one side of the universal app.

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