Universal Skype Apps Now in Windows Store for Everyone

You don’t have to be part of the Windows Insider group or running a current beta Build of Windows 10 to test out the upcoming, revamped Skype apps. Microsoft has now made them available in the Windows Store, available for anyone to download and test.

Called, Microsoft Messaging, the download from the Windows Store contains the installation of two apps: Messaging and Skype Video.

The apps seem to work fairly well. Rich and I were able to test the Messaging interface yesterday. This morning, while testing, the app force-closed on me once. But, that’s not unique to any app running on Windows 10, even the RTM version. That tends to happen quite a bit, for no reason, for any app but especially Edge.

The Skype Video app needs some work. While it does work, I was unable to locate a setting to customized which camera it would use. I have two cameras, one on the Surface Pro 3, and a better, higher res Logitech. Skype Video is stuck on the Surface Pro 3 camera with no way of changing it.

You can download the offering from here: Microsoft Messaging

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