uBlock Origin Ad Blocker Arrives in Preview for Microsoft Edge


When the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released in early August of this year it included the first version of Microsoft Edge, the companies new built from scratch web browser, that supported extensions to expand the functionality of the browser.

On that initial release day there were just 13 extensions listed in Windows Store.

Today, more than four months later, there are now only 19 extensions available - showing very anemic growth of just six new extensions since the capability was added to the browser.

Microsoft Edge Extension Listing in Windows Store

In that collection there are already two ad blockers listed, AdBlock and AdBlock Plus (two different companies), but after this weekend a new ad blocker has become available in preview for Microsoft Edge as a third option.

uBlock Origin is a very popular open source ad blocking extension for Firefox and Chrome. It has been reviewed more than 10,000 times for those browsers and has a rating of approximately 4.65 stars out of 5. This ad blocking extensions claim to fame as an ad blocker is that it uses system resources like memory and CPU much more efficiently than other available ad blockers.

It also has a very extensive set of options that includes filters, rules, and whitelists to control the ads displayed as you browse the web. The option to block or add a site to your own whitelist is two clicks away from the toolbar icon and is a nice big power button to click on or off.

This gallery will show you all the elements of the options and control interface for the uBlock Origin ad blocker.

Download the uBlock Origin Microsoft Edge browser extension from the Windows Store.


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