Tweetium Tip: Using Snippets for Hashtags

Tweetium Tip: Using Snippets for Hashtags

Just a quick tip I stumbled on and another great reason to choose Tweetium as you Twitter client. If you’re a Tweetium user, have you noticed the new Snippets feature rolled out recently in an update?

Snippets allows you to save text that you regularly use in Tweets. For me, this is a huge value and time saver. I attend a lot of conferences each year and to include the event’s official hashtag at the end of tweets is time consuming and monotonous. Using the new Snippets feature I can save the hashtags and have them auto-insert.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Highlight text in a new tweet in Tweetium.

  2. Tap or click the ellipsis and choose Save Snippet.

  3. Give the Snippet a special name or just keep the one provided.

  4. Create a new tweet in Tweetium, tap or click the ellipsis again and choose one of your stored Snippets. It will be auto-inserted into the tweet.

And, since Tweetium is a universal app, your Snippets are saved so that you can use them across both the desktop and mobile versions.

You can also manage your Snippets list by going to Settings-Advanced and choosing Configure Snippets.

Obviously, this isn’t just for hashtags and can be used to store any word or phrase you commonly use in tweets. Tweetium just continues to get better and better and is by far the best Twitter client available.

Get it from the Windows Store: Tweetium for Windows 8.1

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