Three Builds in Four Days from Microsoft to Windows Insiders

Three Builds in Four Days from Microsoft to Windows Insiders

This past week has been a Windows Insiders dream with Microsoft releasing not one, not two, but three builds of Windows 10 in the span of four days.

As RTM quickly approaches more builds are beginning to meet Microsoft's stability and quality criteria and instead of sitting on them, which is certainly something they could choose to do, they have decided to push them to members of the Insiders Program.

I dare you to show me one Insider who is complaining about this kind of build frequency!

The announcement of this build arrived Thursday afternoon as many here in the US were heading off to begin a three day weekend marking the 4th of July.

Gabe Aul, our devoted Ring Master, shared the news via the Blogging Windows site and while this pace of releases feels great there is a good reason to give us time with builds:

We’re deciding how long to let each build stay with Windows Insiders so you can really exercise them and send feedback on any problems that you’re hitting. I know many of you have said you’d love daily builds, but it is actually important sometimes to get a few days on a build so that all of the code that does deferred work (like OneDrive sync, search indexing, background updating, etc.) can run and we can get feedback and error reports.

A big reason they decided to send this new build, 10162, out to Insiders is because it has shown to have better reliability, performance, battery life, and compatibility than any Windows 10 Insider Preview build so far according to Aul.

Now we have a nice long weekend to run it through its paces.

What are your thoughts on this weeks release of three new Windows 10 builds?

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