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ThinkPad X1: Is it Real?

Bemoaning the fact that Lenovo doesn’t make a ThinkPad as thin and light and beautiful as the MacBook Air, I recently purchased a MacBook Air (and wrote about it HERE and HERE). But now comes news that Lenovo may be (assuming this is real) launching a MacBook Air killer as soon as next month. Here’s the auto-translated word from the German site Tell-IT:

13.3 "Premium Notebook: ThinkPad X1


The thinnest ThinkPad ever built

Outstanding, unique performance in its class (the new Intel ® Core ™ i5 built in 32nm technology)

Quality materials and elegant appearance

Highly resistant ( meeting of 8 million U.S.. Specs **, display from Corning Gorilla Glass)

Outstanding multimedia capabilities (Dolby Home Theater v4, HD-VOIP properties)

LED Backlit Keyboard

USB 3.0, eSata, 4-1 Card Reader, Digital Display Port (HDMI, DisplayPort 
mSata interface (SSD via mini PCI slot)

Up to 10 hours of electricity network independently

Outdoor panel with 350NITS luminosity

Most stunning, of course, are the pictures:







In case that bottom one isn’t obvious, it’s a thickness comparison between just the lower deck part of the new ThinkPad T420S and the entire body of the X1.

Also, some specs are relevant here, good, indifferent and bad.

Good: Weight (3 to 3.8 pounds), processor (second-gen i5), ports (USB 3.0, RAM (up to 8 GB), display (Gorilla Glass)

Indifferent: Battery life (up to 5 hours)

Bad: Price (~$3000 in international markets, though it will surely be less in the US – but how much less?), 1366 x 768 screen resolution (hopefully you can get 1440 x 900 as an option)

Of course, the big question, put simply: Is it real? And if so, how much will this thing cost in the US? And when?

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