Text from Your Windows 8.1 Device with Verizon Messages

Text from Your Windows 8.1 Device with Verizon Messages

I've been using a desktop version of the Verizon text message application since it released sometime last year. Only a couple weeks ago I uninstalled the application, fed up with how buggy it had become. The application sometimes bogged down computer performance to the point where I would shut it down anyway.

But, still, this is a functionality that I really wanted. Having the ability to be notified of new texts and respond directly from my work space was ideal. And, as an individual who utilizes both the desktop and Start screen I really wanted the ability to have the same functionality in a real Windows 8.1 app.

Last week, while I was stuck as Microsoft Ignite, Verizon finally released a Windows 8.1 specific text messaging app. I was reluctant to try it, given my experience with the desktop application, but tried it anyway. I'm glad I gave it chance.

The Windows 8.1 app is much kinder to computer performance and seems to work a lot better. The desktop application would take long minutes to sync messages. The new app does this quickly. And, it provides a lot of additional features that the desktop version doesn't.

It provides the following additional features:

  • Windows 8.1 Toast Notifications

  • Live Tile showing unread messages

  • Image support with a built-in gallery and editor

  • Customizable auto-reply

  • Two-factor authentication setup

The Windows 8.1 version is available here: Verizon Messages

Verizon has also supplied the app for iOS and Mac.

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