Technical Previews of Next Windows Server and System Center Release Today, Too

Technical Previews of Next Windows Server and System Center Release Today, Too

A lot of folks are already reported to be hitting the refresh button on the web site this morning, waiting in anticipation for the page to change and Windows 10 bits to be available to download.

Yesterday, Microsoft spent about 40 minutes announcing and describing the forthcoming Windows 10.

The event was touted as a conversation with those Enterprises that felt left out when Windows 8 launched since the last major Windows release was obviously targeted toward consumers. Microsoft wants to fix that and bring Enterprises back into the Windows client fold, hoping Windows 10 can do that. But, the Enterprise (or business) focus wasn't what it needed to be during the information launch. After the showcase event, though, several of the Microsoft Enterprise groups took to blogs to seemingly help fill in the gaps left by Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore. In reality, those chosen to be the spokesmen for the announcement aren't well versed in Enterprise software. So, the Enterprise messaging has to come from somewhere and at least it seems that Microsoft realized it needed a concerted effort with all the groups involved in the massive undertaking of what will become Windows 10.

So, in addition to the Technical Preview today for Windows 10, Microsoft will also be releasing new versions of Windows Server and System Center today, to help build the Enterprise message. Previews for Windows Server and System Center are normally delivered only to a small number of customers (usually through the TAP program), but this time the company will be making the bits available for broad access in hopes that it can reach customers much earlier this time.

The Windows Server and System Center Technical Previews will be available from MSDN (requires a subscription).

Just like the Windows 10 preview link, the Windows Server and System Center link is also not quite ready and contains old content. It will be refreshed when the bits are available for download.

So, for those that would rather test out the Enterprise side of today's downloads launch, you have yet another page to refresh constantly.

Keep in mind that Windows Server, System Center, and Windows 10 client downloads represent really early development and every feature may not (assuredly so) work. Microsoft is looking for feedback, not bug reports or complaints, because those are sure to be packed in the code. It's assumed, but should be stated plainly anyway: don't use the Technical Preview bits in production or to make evaluations. No matter what name Microsoft gives it, this is truly Beta, maybe Alpha, software.

Additionally, it should be noted that Windows Server and System Center will also incorporate the new fast-paced updating technologies that Microsoft is working on for Windows 10. How this all works remains to be seen and will not be included in today's Technical Preview releases.


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