Taking a Closer Look at Cortana's New List Creation Skill


Last week Microsoft announced that Cortana had been giving a new skill for creating and editing to do lists on your compatible devices.

I spent some time this morning trying out this new capability and found some key phrases that you can either speak to Cortana or type to build and edit to do lists using the digital assistant.

Here are the phrases I have discovered so far:

  • Create a To Do list.
  • Add Grab Screenshots to my To Do list.
  • Show my To Do list.
  • View my To Do list.

Just replace the italicized/bold text with your task or the name of your to do list.

I was unable to discover a voice/typed command for deleting a current list however, once you retrieve one of your lists you can edit entries for that list or mark items as complete.

There was also no Interest category in Cortana's Notebook for tracking/working with these new lists either.

As you will see in the screenshots, many times when you ask or type the needed command to work with your lists it is not the top result. That means you need to select the right entry in the results to take that action - otherwise you end up searching on the Internet for that phrase.

However, there is an option to do more robust list keeping activities. Microsoft has incorporated the Wunderlist Windows 10 app into this skill and it is very easy to sign up for a Wunderlist account using your Microsoft Account to add that additional functionality.

These screenshots will show you how Cortana interacts with the above commands and show you what steps are needed to sign up for that Wunderslist account.

Be sure to also check out our App Tour of Wunderlist.


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