Take Back Control Over Microsoft Edge Favorites with EdgeManage

Ask just about anyone and they’ll tell you how frustrating it is that Microsoft decided to skimp on browser Favorites management in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge was supposed to be this exciting, fantastic new web browser, but instead has left many hungry for something else. Google’s Chrome and the new Vivaldi web browser (which I’m currently testing for review) are seeing wider use due to a seemingly lackadaisical effort to match hype to substance.

One developer has become tired of waiting and started to do something about it – at least for the lack of Favorites management. Emmet Gray has released a new app (including source code) that allows Windows 10 users to take back control over Microsoft Edge Favorites management. Called EdgeManage, the application opens the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) database where Edge stores Favorites now and allows you to view your web Favorites and manipulate them with ease.

Here’s the full list of EdgeManage capabilites:

  • View favorites and folders in a graphical tree
  • Use "drag and drop" to move favorites and folders around
  • Sort all or portions of your favorites
  • Rename folders/favorites
  • Manually add/delete folders/favorites
  • Edit the URLs inside favorites
  • Import favorites from an HTML-based bookmarks.html file
  • Export favorites to an HTML-based bookmarks.html file
  • Import favorites from Internet Explorer
  • Export favorites to Internet Explorer
  • Backup and Restore the Edge database (can also be used to copy to another PC)
  • Create Internet shortcuts on the desktop

The application runs outside of Microsoft Edge, but it does work and it does work well. I have been able to drag-and-drop, delete, edit URLs, etc. and reorganize my Edge Favorites in just a matter of minutes. Once you organize your Favorites, you might never need to use the application again except to edit reference URLs, but its handy to have around just in case.

Download it from here: EdgeManage

The application is pretty intuitive, but there’s a full user guide also posted on the download page.

And, while you’re there, drop Emmet a note of thanks.

P.S. Microsoft Edge MUST be closed when you use EdgeManage - otherwise you'll receive a notice to close it. Apparently, Edge keeps the Favorites database locked and open when Edge is running.

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