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Surface Cover Problems: You’re Clicking It Wrong

OK, so maybe the touch cover isn't perfect

With reports, ahem, surfacing that Microsoft’s Surface with Windows RT tablet is suffering from an embarrassing and potentially serious issue, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention it. According to complaints on Microsoft’s support web site, the device’s near-required touch cover could be shoddily made, with users reporting splitting in the area where the cover meets the hinge.

Maybe you're just clicking it wrong.

The splitting seems to occur most frequently when you place the touch cover under the Surface, bending it around backwards as a sort of base. It’s unclear if this is officially-sanctioned usage, however, with Microsoft’s Surface web site showing the normal laptop-style usage only.

For the record, I’ve not experienced this issue, which of course means that it’s completely invented. (Kidding, kidding.) But looking at the shots of split covers, it appears that the weak spot is right in the middle, below the Windows Key button on the device in this shot:

The good news? Microsoft says it will replace faulty touch covers without any cost to users.

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