The SuperSite for Windows Stardock Start10 Giveaway

The SuperSite for Windows Stardock Start10 Giveaway

Thanks to the good folks at Stardock we have five free keys to giveaway for their latest Start Menu replacement program Start10.

As I wrote about it the other day, Start10 is a follow on from Start8 which Stardock released to help users on Windows 8 regain some Start Menu functionality.

Windows 10 brings back a lot of the usefulness of the Windows 7 Start Menu but for many users it is not quite enough. Start10 delivers a lot of options for customizing your Windows 10 Start Menu yet it maintains a connection to the features delivered in Windows 10.

If you would like an opportunity to receive a full registration key for Start10 just comment on this story and tell us what feature you feel the Windows 10 Start Menu is missing compared to its Windows 7 predecessor.

We will randomly select five entries next Friday, Aug. 21, for the free registration keys.

Only one entry per person but we encourage you to jump into the conversation at any time.

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