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Students: Buy a Windows PC, Get a Free Xbox 360

Nothing like putting your studies first, but let’s face it, when you’re stressed, a good round of Call of Duty pretty much cures all ills. The Windows Blog discusses a new deal at the Microsoft Store (and at participating PC makers, i.e. Dell and HP) where you purchase a very particular PC and get a free Xbox in return. There are all kinds of caveats, so read carefully. It goes something like this:

Starting May 22nd for a limited time, we are bringing students a very special offer.

When students buy a Windows 7 PC over $699, they will receive a FREE Xbox 360*.

You can buy any kind of PC, although we recommend a few specifically for students like the HP Pavillion DM4 a great entertainment system on the go, the Dell Inspiron 14r a stylish powerful 14” PC, and the Samsung Series 9 a computer that has been described as looking like it is about to rocket off the runway. Ask Ben the PC guy, he has one! If you are still trying to figure out what might be the best option for you, you can use the PC Scout, an  interactive app available on that helps you find a perfect match.

If you have a .edu email address you can purchase your new PC through one of our participating retailers including, or Microsoft Store. If you don't have a .edu address or prefer to  walk into a store, touch the PCs and test their features, bring your Student ID into  Best Buy or any Microsoft Store retail location Check with your chosen retailer for additional specifics they may have in place.

Once you are set up with the perfect PC for school and play, there is still more! With this offer, you get an Xbox 360 4GB console with your Windows 7 PC purchase over $699 - no cost and no strings!

The offer is available in the United States starting May 22, so you'll have to wait a few days until you can rush into the store. End dates vary by retailer so shop early! It's also coming soon in France and Canada.

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