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Steam Goes Metro

Inspired by last week's BUILD conference, Chris Preston has created some mockups of what the Steam video game service could look like on Windows 8. And ... oh my. These are beautiful.

"If Windows 8's new UI turns out to be even slightly successful then it is a safe bet that monitors and computers generally will come with touch built-in, and so while not useful for gaming itself, a metro style Steam client application may become a real possibility some years down the line," he writes. "To that end, as an enthusiast of UI and UX I decided to experiment with the concept of a Steam Metro UI. Please note that these shots (especially of the store) are very early WIP mockups."

Check these out. But get a napkin first. There's going to be drool.




But wait there's more. I guess the Steam forums have gone down today, but Chris has provided some more mockups:




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