Slow Ring Insiders finally get a new build of Windows 10

Slow Ring Insiders finally get a new build of Windows 10

It has been 45 days since the Windows Insiders who opted into the safer, less buggy Slow Ring have received a new build.

That build, 10074, was released on 29 April 2015.

While Fast Ring Insiders have had a total of three different builds in that same time frame (10074, 10122 and 10130) none of them were deemed stable enough for widespread use.

In the two weeks since build 10130 was released to the Fast Ring, Microsoft has been working to address lingering issues that was keeping the build from meeting the criteria they have for the Slow Ring.

Over the last seven days build 10130 has received multiple updates that, according to Gabe Aul, will now make this build less buggy for Slow Ring use.

Here are the updates:

KB3070365: We fixed an issue where if you click on the icons on the Taskbar (Start, Cortana, Network, Battery, and Action Center) in this build, the expected fly-out might not open.

KB3069069: We fixed the issue where after upgrading to this build audio playback is lost in some hardware configurations. Note: Some sound cards may fail to operate in multichannel mode. The workaround to the problem is to set the default audio format to stereo.

KB3070677: We fixed an issue where if you’re running the “Core” edition of the Windows 10 Insider Preview and Windows Update might not detect new builds available.

KB3070982: This dynamic update prevents an issue that can result in the loss of audio when the upgrade is completed in some hardware configurations.

The updates should be installed during the upgrade process but be sure to go into Windows Update afterwards to verify you have all of the updates for this build.

If you are on a Surface 3 the news is still not good. There continues to be an issue for those devices and no fix has yet been identified but it is being worked on.

Finally, some of you may encounter Error Code 0x80246017 during this upgrade. The current recommendation from Microsoft is to download the ISO directly and then either perform a clean install or access the ISO inside of your current build and begin the upgrade.

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