Short Takes Daily: What's going on in the world of Microsoft for Monday, June 29, 2015 Microsoft News Service

Short Takes Daily: What's going on in the world of Microsoft for Monday, June 29, 2015

There's a lot of Microsoft news out there. We try to put the biggest daily stories in one place and tell you what, exactly, makes them news.


Microsoft Rolls Out Changes to Family Safety, Renamed to Microsoft Family — Microsoft Family is now part of the general Microsoft Account, located at , and it's much more user-friendly: Setting websites restrictions is now simpler, and managing app & game restrictions is now more intuitive. However, managing child accounts has changed: you’ll now need to manage the settings for each child's account separately.

Calls+ for Windows Phone Releases, Just Doesn't Work for Verizon Customers — Calls+ allows you to configure call waiting and call forwarding options, specific to your provider's network. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for Verizon.

Windows 10 - 30 Days and Counting to General Availability — The reality is that there could be no more Insider Preview builds released between now and RTM and that would not likely slow the process of getting Windows 10 ready for RTM. 

Why you skip the first core when configuring RSS and VMQ — VMQ is a virtualization technology while RSS is used in native host (no vSwitch cases). It is because of this mutual exclusivity that in a host with multiple NICs it is common to see one NIC used for Live Migration and another NIC used by the Hyper-V virtual switch.

Switch-AzureMode deprecation message solved — In the future the Switch-AzureMode cmdlet will no longer be provided and instead the Azure cmdlets that work with the ASM will be placed in a separate module.



Microsoft Research claims to have developed an superior alternative to the Oculus Rift lenses. As Ars Technica reports: "The lens, which was developed by the a new "LensFactory program" at Microsoft Research, can be purchased from Edmund Optics and the housing can be 3D printed using a high-end Objet Eden 260 3D printer."

Hololens was supposed to to space: NASA was going to launch Project Sidekick, a program that will launch a pair of Microsoft HoloLens goggles to the International Space Station, and use Microsoft's augmented-reality goggles in a test to determine how augmented reality and virtual reality devices can assist astronauts in outer space. However, the experiments depended on the HoloLens getting to space -- and the HoloLens was part of the cargo lost in the SpaceX incident yesterday. Once the HoloLens makes it to space, the first phase of testing will allow the crew to beam their Hololens views back to Earth so ground-bound experts can walk them through tests or draw extra data on the astronaut's view to help them. 

HoloLens is also going to live at the world’s only undersea research station, Aquarius, as NASA will be rolling out Project Sidekick experiments during the two-week NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) 20 expedition set to begin July 21.

There are 17 new trusted root certificates on your Window systems, Woody Leonhard reports. What's more, none of these root certificates were announced in any advisories or KB articles.

Samsung will stop disabling Windows Update on its PCs and tablets. Previously, Samsung's own update tool changed Windows Update's settings to prevent it from automatically downloading and installing updates.

Windows RT will be getting an update "around the time of Windows 10 release," according to the Microsoft Windows 10 FAQ. According to WinBeta, this is the first time there's been a time frame for any projected Windows RT update, although "around the time of Windows 10 release" is not the world's most precise time frame.

And finally ... the Office 365 Evangelist reports that Microsoft has restored an admin's ability to check the Office installs for a user, so the admin can see which devices a user's installed Office apps on. Note that admins can deactivate Office on a device, but the user can re-activate it; in order to prevent users from installing Office apps on their own, the admin has to change the service settings for user software.

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