Short Takes Daily: What went on in the world of Microsoft in Thursday, July 16, 2015 Microsoft

Short Takes Daily: What went on in the world of Microsoft in Thursday, July 16, 2015

Today in the news: we show you the Universal Windows App Store; we talk about Windows as a Service; here's what you can do to secure mailboxes of deceased users.



Gallery - Universal Windows App Store on the Web — This new app portal allows you to browse desktop, tablet and mobile apps. You can see in the attached screenshots that although there are separate headers for Windows and Windows Phone you are actually browsing the same listings for each. The app page is labeled for PC or mobile device based on their compatibility.

Pssst - Windows 10 is done but not really — We now live in a brave new world of Windows. It is called Windows as a Service (WaaS) and while Windows Insider Program members have been getting a taste of this since its debut last fall, the real implementation begins now with the release of Windows 10 Build 10240.

HP Hardware with Windows 10 Ready to Arrive on July 29 — While a consumer won't be able to walk into a Best Buy and pick up a brand new PC with Windows 10, they will have the opportunity to order one directly from HP and have it delivered to their doorstep on July 29.

What you should do to secure mailboxes when employees die — In an ever-connected electronic world we have to figure out how to handle the question of mailboxes belonging to deceased employees. What does your company do?

Retired but not exhausted — A good number of people are willing to continue running an OS that is more than a decade old if it still does what they want it to do. It’s hard to drum up the impetus to migrate when the product still does what it says on the tin.

In Chicago, Tax Dollars Rain Down from the Cloud — Chicago recently became the first municipality in the country to levy a "cloud tax." It's an idea that could spread to other cash-strapped local governments.


Here are all the PCs that support Windows Hello facial recognition in Windows 10 — If you want to use the Windows Hello facial recognition features to sign into your Windows 10 PC, you'll need to have one of these machines.

Logitech says all their peripherals will work with Windows 10 — The company claims all PC peripherals that are currently for sale (mice, keyboards, combos, webcams and headsets), have been tested and work with Windows 10.

Microsoft opens pre-orders for Windows 10 on Amazon, confirms USB drive distribution — Although Amazon is currently the only place to order a physical copy of Windows 10, that's no guarantee of speed: the drives won’t arrive until August 16. 

Microsoft updates OneNote for iOS and Android, releases universal iOS app — The iPhone version of OneNote is becoming the main iOS app, now simply called Microsoft OneNote.

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