Short Takes Daily: What went on in the world of Microsoft on Thursday, August 6, 2015 Rod Trent

Short Takes Daily: What went on in the world of Microsoft on Thursday, August 6, 2015

Today in the news: Manage your pop-ups in Microsoft Edge, take your Windows 10 edition Pro, and find out how to declutter your hard drive post-Windows 10 installation.


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How to manage sites allowed to serve pop-ups in Microsoft Edge — Microsoft Edge lets you allow or block sites from serving pop-ups when you are browsing them, but managing the sites you've allowed or blocked takes a little extra attention.

How To: Hide Specific Updates from Windows 10 — If you're running Windows 10 Home edition, updates flow down from Microsoft automatically and install. This could cause a bit of trouble, particularly if driver updates are reported to cause problems. So here's how to "hide" specific updates.

Q. If I use Xbox One streaming to Windows 10 can I perform a different activity on the Xbox from the streaming user?
A. Nope — the local Xbox console will be "in use."

How To: Easily Upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro —Evaluate whether you'd like to do things like connect your own Windows 10 computer to your company's network or access your PC remotely, then follow these steps.

Word of Warning on DoNotSpy10 Windows 10 Privacy Tool — Yes, gathering your own information to come to terms with the settings is a task that is time consuming. But don't take the easy way out with this tool.

The SuperSite Windows 10 How To Collection: From set-up to productivity — Consider this slideshow the equivalent of a visual cheat sheet, with all of our most hands-on how-to articles in one place. As of now, we've got 37 articles and counting.


From other sites ...

Here’s How to Clean Out Your Hard Drive in Windows 10 — It's time to do a little post-installation tidying on your computer.

Microsoft reworks parental leave, 401(k) and holidays — Every new parent (both biological and adoptive) will now get 12 weeks of paid leave, while biological mothers will get an extra eight weeks; expecting mothers can take two weeks of paid short-term disability before their due date. It's also adding two paid holidays and boosting its 401(k) matches.

Microsoft giving Seahawks fans free tickets, memorabilia for using Bing search engine — The local connection runs strong with season tickets, jerseys and other football-related perks up for grabs.

The first 6 changes Microsoft will make to Windows 10 — Woody Leonhard brainstorms the top changes Microsoft will make, including a way for users to block updates.

What's new in PowerPoint 2016 for the Mac — A separate comments area for improved collaboration, improved formatting and more.

Windows Bridge for iOS: Let’s open this up — The Windows Bridge for iOS uses Objective-C code plus the iOS API headers/libs to give developers a way to move their apps from one mobile operating system to another.

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