Review - Eikon Mini USB Fingerprint Reader


Windows Hello is a feature that is intended to make logging into your computer more convienient and more secure.

I have written about Windows Hello, one of the new security related features in Windows 10, and how it can be used with both fingerprint readers and special camera hardware to log you into Windows 10 a few times here at SuperSite for Windows.

Currently there are only certain devices that are equipped out of the box with the right hardware to take advantage of Windows Hello. I am sure more are on the way but in the interim I am always on the lookout for alternatives that can be used to access those features.

Options for a Windows Hello compatible camera are very limited and currently the only option I have found is the Intel RealSense DevKit hardware camera at a cost of $120.

A more reasonable alternative to access Windows Hello options immediately is the use of USB based fingerprint readers.  While having an external reader connected via USB is possible on a laptop device it is typically hanging on a USB cable to be attached.

Well I may have found an alternative that plugs directly into an available USB 2.0 or 3.0 port and eliminates the cable between your device and the reader.

The Eikon Mini USB Fingerprint Reader retails for $25 from Amazon and is the perfect way to log into your device without having to carry extra cables to connect it to your system.

It is fully compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 with no additional software or driver downloads needed to get things working.

I have been using it on my HP Spectre x360 and it is a well made device, feels sturdy when it is attached and allows me to easily log in using Windows Hello.

You can review this gallery for various shots of the device and if you are looking for some help to set up Windows Hello with a fingerprint reader be sure to check out our guide.

By the way, here is an interesting tidbit about this device, the company who built it and the technology behind it:

Originally this reader was manufactured by a company called AuthenTec who built and provided biometric fingerprint sensors for PC and Mobile OEM customers.  That company, AuthenTec, was purchased by Apple in 2013 and now Apple's TouchID tech is built based on AuthenTec's TruePrint technology.  The sensor that is inside the Eikon Mini USB Fingerprint Reader is AuthenTec TruePrint technology. 

I thought that was a great connection of technologies and you can see now in hindsight why Apple acquired Authentec.


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