Report Microsoft Edge Bugs on Twitter

Report Microsoft Edge Bugs on Twitter

Because in space, no one can hear you scream.

Right up until Microsoft released Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft Edge was finally working pretty well. I’m one of those that actually stuck it out and kept going back again and again like a prideless participant in a bad relationship. But, after installing Microsoft’s first celebratory update, Edge has been sent back to July 2015 and is almost as unstable as it was then. I feel like I’m living in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button movie in real time. Edge looks younger, but it’s actually acting older.

I’m not alone, either. If you take the time to read through Reddit, UserVoice, and Microsoft Answers complaints, there are just too many constantly growing threads to not take notice. Something is just not right. But, such is the world we live in. Nothing is ever finished, nothing ever complete, and nothing works right the first time. Things are just heaped on an unassuming public and customers are expected to just deal with the fallout and adapt to the new normal. I read something written today saying that Microsoft Edge is now something Microsoft can promote. If that had been written last month, I'd agree. But, it was written today and has all the markings of a future retraction. I was actually pretty surprised to see someone deliver kudos for Edge in its current state.

But, Microsoft is aware there are issues and not dismissing the problems outright. Though they remain silent as not to indict themselves (insert “right to remain silent” joke here), there is evidence that they do care that customers are suffering.

A blog post today on the Windows blogs, tells of a new program where web developers can now report web platform bugs with just a Tweet. Of course, Tweeters have to use the correct hashtag for it to get picked up, which is #EdgeBug, but this option could allow more people to submit more quickly and ultimately get some left-over, glaring bugs fixed.

There’s a 3-step progress to do it correctly, but you can read that here: How to file an #EdgeBug via Twitter

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