Remote Desktop on Windows 10 and Server 2016 now support remote pen input

Remote Desktop on Windows 10 and Server 2016 now support remote pen input

A couple of weekends ago I told you about the release of a new Universal Windows Platform version of the Remote Desktop app that is in preview for Windows 10.

We are now getting more details from the Remote Desktop Services team that highlights the remote inking support in that app if you are using a Windows 10 machine on each end of that remote connection. It also works with Windows Server 2016.

David Bélanger, a member of the Remote Desktop team, has blogged about the changes the team has made in support of inking and he states that this update provides the same inking experience on the remote machine as it does on your local one.

"In Windows 10, the pen is now a first class input method, at the same level as your mouse, keyboard and touch. This means you get the same great experience using it with applications in a Remote Desktop session as you do with local apps. What’s even better is that there is no special configuration needed. If your device supports pen locally and it is running Windows 10, simply connect remotely to a PC also running Windows 10 and you can write or draw in the session. Depending on which pen you use, there are many properties available that applications can use to tailor the experience, all of these will be available in the session."

Properties of the pen that are available in the remote session if supported by the pen include pressure sensitivity, pen position (inverted, angle) and use of the pen's button(s).

For those who have invested in touch screens for work machines and use inking on a regular basis this will be a welcomed update when working remotely.

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