Readit app for Reddit updated for Windows 10


Reddit is a very popular website that allows visitors to view and discuss all kinds of subjects in a series of reddits/sub-reddits - similar to what many of us already know as forums.

While there has never been an official app released for Reddit, there is a good third party app built by Message Across Studio that has been around for some time now and it was recently updated to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) that allows it to be used on any Windows device.

Readit has over 5,745 ratings and reviews for an overall average of 4.5 Stars for its previous versions and this latest update for Windows 10 devices continues to build on the apps capabilities:

  • You can now vote while viewing posts
  • Condensed post title area
  • Moved settings from hamburger menu to subreddit/main appbar for space consolidation
  • Back button no longer closes the app, just minimizes it
  • Back button will now close the sidebar instead of minimizing the app
  • Subreddit list stays open when closing the hamburger menu
  • Every font size has been adjusted

The overall layout of the app is three columns with a hamburger menu that can be expanded on the left, a main content column in the middle and a right sidebar that can be used to submit content to Reddit if you are a registered member.

It includes plenty of controls to place controls on the visibility of Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content which many will appreciate that and the ever popular option for a Dark and Light Theme is included in this new version as well.

There are some options for in app purchases that will provide advanced features and theming options.

Check out the included images to see what the app looks like.


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