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Quick Tip: How to Use Paste and Go & Paste and Search in Microsoft Edge

Quick Tip: How to Use Paste and Go & Paste and Search in Microsoft Edge

When the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released in early August most of the attention towards Microsoft Edge was about its ability to finally use extensions for such things as password management and ad blocking.

While having extensions on Microsoft Edge is a huge plus to my long-term and continued use of Microsoft's web browser, it is my daily driver, it is also nice to see a few smaller tweaks make it into the browser that are not earth shattering in their complexity but add a little convenience to the experience.

I want to highlight two of those new Context Menu entries in this Quick Tip.

Paste and Go

Microsoft Edge Past and Go

If you have copied a URL into your clipboard you can right click in the address bar on Microsoft Edge and see an entry on the Context Menu that is labeled Paste and go.

Just left click on that option and the URL will be pasted into the address bar then Edge will then pull up the website for you autromatically. I know it only saves one keystroke but those seconds add up quickly.

Paste and Search

Paste and Search in Microsoft Edge

This option is very similar to Paste and go except you copy a word or words into your clipboard and then right click in the Edge address bar and you will see the Paste and search option.

Just left click that and the search will be presented in your default search engine.

One interesting caveat on this feature - when only one word is copied into your clipboard the right click context menu will present the Paste and go option because it has that word formulated into a URL that will send the word to your default search engine and return the search results to your browser.


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