Quick Tip: How to Import Favorites into Microsoft Edge from other Browsers

Quick Tip: How to Import Favorites into Microsoft Edge from other Browsers

Microsoft Edge, the new web browser Microsoft has built from scratch for Windows 10, is my daily driver these days and although it is not a perfect piece of software it gets the job done.

One of the big knocks on Microsoft Edge is the lack of a robust management system for your favorites and while it is very basic it does get the job done as I have demoed here on the SuperSite.

Of course, to begin handling your favorites in Microsoft Edge you need to get your favorites in the browser itself and Edge can import favorites from popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Here is how you import those favorites to Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Importing Favorites

1. With Microsoft Edge open just select the ellipsis menu on the far right side of the browsers toolbar.

2. Select Settings at the bottom of the ellipsis menu.

Windows 10 Import Favorites into Microsoft Edge

1. In the main Settings menu select View favorite settings.

Microsoft Edge Import Favorites

Here are all of the favorite settings in Microsoft Edge and you will see the header Import favorites and under that will be a list of the browsers you have installed on this Windows 10 system.

1. Select the browsers you want to import Favorites from. You can select one or all of them and the import process will grab the favorites from each one.

2. Once you have selected the browser to import from just tap Select and the import process will begin. You will get an Import done notice after the process is complete.

The length of time for the import will be dependent upon the number of favorites you have in each browser you are importing them from.

Once the import is complete you can then use our guide to managing Microsoft Edge Favorites to organize them and get things setup to your liking.


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