Quick Tip: How to change your default search engine in Microsoft Edge

Quick Tip: How to change your default search engine in Microsoft Edge

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the default search engine they want to use as they perform all of their web based searches using their web browser.

Microsoft Edge has tried a a couple of different methods for changing the default search engine in Microsoft Edge over its short existence and this quick tip will walk you through the current implementation of this feature.

This tip is based on the process for changing Edge's default search engine on a system that is running Windows 10 Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.187) aka the Windows 10 Anniversary Update with the September cumulative update installed.

Step One: Open Microsoft Edge Settings Menu

Microsoft Edge Settings Menu

Begin by accessing the Microsoft Edge Settings Menu by tapping/clicking on the ellipsis menu (three dots) on the far right side of the Microsoft Edge toolbar.

Once that menu opens just find Settings at the bottom of the menu options list and then select it to continue.

Step Two: Open Microsoft Edge Advanced Settings Menu

Microsoft Edge Advanced Settings Menu

Scroll down this menu until you find the View advanced settings option near the bottom and then tap/click that to open the advanced menu.

Step Three: Open Microsoft Edge Change Search Engine Menu

Microsoft Edge Advanced Settings Menu

About half way down the advanced menu settings list you will find Change search engine. Just tap/click that link to open the Change search engine menu.

Step Four: Select/Change Microsoft Edge Default Search Engine

Microsoft Edge Change Search Engine Menu Dialog

Here is where you can change the default search engine for Microsoft Edge.

1. This is the lists of sites that you have previously browsed to/used in Microsoft Edge that can be the default search engine. Click/tap on the one you want to use by default. If your favorite does not appear in this list then you must go back to the main Microsoft Edge window and visit that website so Microsoft Edge can discover it. Once you do that just follow the first three steps of this quick tip so you can choose your default search engine.

2. Once you have selected your default search engine in as shown in the first stage of this step just click Set as default. You can now close out of this menu and any searches you do from the address bar in Microsoft Edge will use your new search engine of choice.

3. If you want to clean up the list of possible search engines on this menu you can select the one you want to delete from the list (#1) and then click/tap Remove. Note: There is no removal confirmation so be sure you have selected the engine you want to remove before clicking/tapping Remove.


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