Quick Tip: Disable Ads and Suggestions in the Windows 10 File Explorer

Quick Tip: Disable Ads and Suggestions in the Windows 10 File Explorer

Once again the appearance of ads and suggestions in the Windows 10 user interface is making tech headlines.

This is kind of like the whole privacy subject and Windows 10 - every once in a while something new will be discovered and it crops back up again in all of our news aggregators.

The last time this ads/suggestion in the OS subject was buzzing around, I shared with you the various locations I knew about in Windows 10 to turn off these items on the Lock Screen, Start Menu, and across Windows in general.

Well the buzz is back this week with Windows 10, File Explorer, and ads for OneDrive. Turns out there is separate spot to turn off these File Explorer based ads/suggestions. 

If you open File Explorer and then go to File>Change folder and search options>View and then scroll down until you see Show sync provider notifications you can toggle that checkbox and shut them off.

Windows 10 Folder Options

This same setting appears in both Windows 10 Current Branch and the latest Windows 10 Creators Update builds.

Although it may be too late for the Creators Update, but if this is the direction Microsoft is going to take with ads/suggestions in the operating system then there should be one central category in the Windows Settings app to toggle these on or off. That would be much more manageable rather than having to go to four different parts of the OS to switch them off.


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