Quick Tip: Customize the Microsoft Edge Start Screen and Tabs in Windows 10


Microsoft's Windows 10 default browser, Microsoft Edge, has been my daily driver for several months now. I do occasionally have to jump into Firefox or Chrome for certain sites/work but is becoming less of a necessity these days.

Its performance and reliability has been steadily improving and with the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in early August it now includes support for browser extensions for such tasks as password management, ad blocking and clipping items from pages with OneNote.

It has also finally picked up some capabilities that we have had in other browser for a while such as Paste and Go, Paste and Search, Clearing Browser Cache, Back Button Browsing History, Customize Favorites Bar and Pinning Tabs. As a new browser and a keen focus on the browsing engine, compatibility, etc. it takes a while to bring these features into the browser.

One feature that has actually been in Microsoft edge since the early days is the ability to customize your Start Page and New Tabs that you open while browsing.

This gallery will walk you through those options so that you can set Microsoft Edge up based on your preferences.


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