Quick Tip: Control Sync Options Between Windows 10 Devices

Quick Tip: Control Sync Options Between Windows 10 Devices

Despite not having the old Windows 8/8.1 ability to sync your Start Screen between devices, Windows 10 does allow you the option to sync certain settings between your Windows 10 devices that use your Microsoft Account for logging in.

The Microsoft account is key to this feature as it uses the cloud connectivity between devices under that access to share the settings across those devices.

Sync Settings are all on by default if you log in with your Microsoft Account. There is a however, a master switch to turn all syncing on or off plus the ability to control six different areas for devices you want to share those settings.

Step One: Open Windows Settings>Accounts>Sync your settings

Sync Settings in Windows 10

Once you are in Windows Settings>Accounts>Sync your settings you will see the settings shown above.

Here is a breakdown on each of them:

Sync settings

This is the master switch for turning syncing off and on. If this is a device that you want to keep uniquely configured then click/tap the On/Off button.

Individual sync settings


Internet Explorer Settings


Language Preferences

Ease of Access

Other Windows Settings

According to Microsoft, while the others are self explanatory, that last one includes printers, mouse options, File Explorer settings and notifications preferences.


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