Quick Tip: Clearing Browser Cache and Using Back Button Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

Quick Tip: Clearing Browser Cache and Using Back Button Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge web browser has continued its development alongside of Windows 10 and with the release of the Anniversary Update their brand new browser comes with the EdgeHTML 14 framework that brings several new features to the program.

Among those new capabilities is the extension platform, improved accessibility standards, better power efficiency, additional security and performance tweaks.

Microsoft says Edge is the most capable browser for the modern web thanks to its interoperability features in EdgeHTML 14.

In addition to all of the under the hood improvements in this latest release, Microsoft has also added in several features that give Edge the ability to help improve the browsing experience.

We have already told you about using the Paste and Go & Paste and Search features plus How to Customize Favorites Bar and Pin Tabs and today we want to make sure you know about two other options for your browsing in Microsoft Edge.

Back Button Right Click Browsing History

Right Click Back Button Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

This feature is very easy to access as you are browsing the web. If you want quick access to the last 10 websites you visited just right click on the back button and you will get a list of those sites.

If you need to go further back in your browsing history then just click History on this content menu to access your full browsing history.

Clearing Browser Cache When Exiting Microsoft Edge

Clear Browser Cache on Exit for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has had the ability to clear your browsing cache but it had to be done manually. In the latest updates to Edge in the Anniversary Update an option has now been added to do this automatically when you close your Edge browsing session.

To access this setting open the Edge Settings menu by clicking on the three dots to the far right on the browser toolbar then down to Settings and select Choose what to clear under the Clear browsing data option.

Clearing Browser Cache on Exit for Microsoft Edge

On this menu you can select the elements you want to be cleared from your cache and then click the Always clear this when I close the browser so that it happens after using Edge.


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