Q. Where do I get the Microsoft iSCSI Target for Windows Server 2008 R2?

A. Microsoft has had an iSCSI target available for Windows Storage Server for several years. Now they've made it available for download, and it's supported on Windows Server 2008 R2.

Once you've downloaded it, run it to expand out the installation files, then run the install. After it's installed, launch the Microsoft iSCSI Software Target application and you can create iSCSI targets. See "Q. What's the correct iSCSI target format?" for the correct iSCSI naming format. The sequence is:

  1. Right-click iSCSI Targets and select Create iSCSI Target.
  2. Click Next on the introduction page of the wizard, then enter a name and description for the target. I entered the full IQN name below, but you can just enter the short part (e.g. vhdquorum1) and the IQN name can be generated automatically in the next step


  1. Enter the IQN for the target, then click Next then Finish.
  2. Right-click Devices and select Create Virtual Disk.
  3. Click Next and enter the path for the new VHD that will be linked from the new iSCSI target, then click Next again.
  4. Enter a size for the new VHD (in MB) and click Next.
  5. Enter a description and click Next.
  6. The iSCSI targets link screen is displayed. Click Add and select the target name you created, then click Next then Finish


You can now connect to your iSCSI target.

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