Q. When you run the w32tm /resync command on a Windows Server 2003 computer you receive 'The computer did not resync because no time data was available'?

When you run the w32tm /resync command on a Windows Server 2003 to synchronize with an external time source, you receive:

The computer did not resync because no time data was available.

This behavior will occur if a GPO (Group Policy Object) for a Windows Time Service object is configured incorrectly.

NOTE: When I run net time /querysntp on my Windows Server 2003 forest root PDC emulator, I receive:

The current SNTP value is:,

Where is the NTP server ntp2.usno.navy.mil
  and  is the NTP server tock.usno.navy.mil
To fix this problem:

01. Start / Run / dsa.msc / OK.

02. Right-click the Domain Controllers container and press Properties.

03. Select the Group Policy tab.

04. Select the Default Domain Controllers Policy and press Edit. If GPMC is implemented, press Open first.

05. Expand Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / System / Windows Time Service.

06. Right-click Global Configuration Settings and press Properties.

07. Select Not Configured.

08. Press Apply and OK.

09. Expand Windows Time Service.

10. Double-click Enable Windows NTP Client.

11. Select Not Configured.

12. Press Apply and OK.

13. Double-click Configure Windows NTP Client.

14. Select Not Configured.

15. Press Apply and OK.

16. Double-click Enable Windows NTP Server.

17. Select Not Configured.

18. Press Apply and OK.

19. Exit the Group Policy Editor.

20. Close any open policy dialog boxes.

21. Open a CMD.EXE window.

22. Type gpupdate /force and press Enter.

NOTE: To determine what policies are applied, use the GPResult.exe (Group Policy Results) tool.

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