Q. How can I easily install the Windows Server 2008 roles and features that Exchange Server 2007 requires?

A. The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Server Manager input files that follow this paragraph automate the roles and features required for each respective Exchange 2007 server role. You can save the input files and use them with the following command:

  • The Client Access server-role input file

  • The Mailbox server-role input file

  • The Edge Transport server-role input file

  • The Unified Messaging (UM) server-role input file

  • The Hub Transport server-role input file

You can also run the following input file to automate the Exchange 2007 management tools features:

I ran the following code and Client-Access-server-role input file to show what the output would be—notice that I used the -whatif switch so the changes weren't actually made. To install the roles, don't use the -whatif switch.

Don't worry if some roles or features are already installed. The existence of other roles or features won't affect any installations.

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