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Q. How can I add network drivers to my Windows Server 2003 Automated Deployment Services (ADS) installation?

A. By default, the only supported network drivers for clients that boot from the ADS Deployment Agent are those included in Windows 2003. To add network drivers to an ADS installation, perform these steps:

  1. Contact Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) to obtain the hotfixes associated with the Microsoft articles "The ADS Deployment Agent Builder Service does not correctly parse the latest .inf file formats" and "Vendor-supplied drivers that you add to the ADS Deployment Agent Builder service repository are not installed" . Without these hotfixes installed, any network drivers that you add won't work.
  2. On the ADS server, copy the content of the network drivers you want to add to the C:\program files\microsoft ads\nbs\repository\user\presystem folder. (Don't place the files in subfolders under the presystem folder.) You don't need to copy the txtsetup.oem file; the important files are the .inf and .sys files.
  3. Stop and Restart the Adsbuilder service by running the following commands.
  4. net stop adsbuilder
    net start adsbuilder
    Test the new driver by attempting to boot a machine that uses the driver to the Deployment Agent.
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