Public vote queues up Windows 10 build 10122 for Insiders

Public vote queues up Windows 10 build 10122 for Insiders

Since the Windows 10 Technical Preview program started last fall there have been a total of eight builds released to Windows Insiders.

The average time between each build has been 26 days including two lengthy periods with no updated builds of 72 and 54 days (H/T to The Digital Lifestyle for the handy chart).

Since that 54 day period of no new builds, which ended on 18 March 2015, there have been three new builds released which bring the average release time down to 14 days.  I would venture to say that getting a new build of Windows 10 every 14 days is a solid release pace for most Insiders.

It now appears that our Windows Insider Ring Master Gabe Aul and the Windows team will keep up this pace by delivering another new build for testing thanks to the Twitter votes of 30 or so people.

This is the first time I have seen Gabe ask over Twitter if a new Windows Insider build should be released so I am really curious if he expected any other answer except yes.

If you follow that Twitter conversation it seems the only major issue with this build relates to systems with AMD GPU’s and crashes when playing web video in Project Spartan aka Microsoft Edge. He also indicated it can impact Internet Explorer as well.  Bottom line is they are working with AMD to release new drivers which should show up in about a week. Once they are ready Microsoft will push that updated driver to Insiders on Windows Update.

Otherwise the Ring Master said the build has many improvements and is buttery goodness. I am not exactly sure what buttery goodness is but it sounds very positive.

If you do not want this build then be sure to go into Windows Update, under Advanced options and switch yourself from the Fast to the Slow ring.

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