POLL RESULTS: Your Windows 10 Mobile build 10051 experience

POLL RESULTS: Your Windows 10 Mobile build 10051 experience

When Windows 10 Mobile build 10051 was released on April 10th it had been 55 days since the first build of Windows 10 Mobile had been released.

Like many of you, 34% to be exact, I had high hopes for that new build because it had been almost two months since that first version landed in mid February.

However, based on the results of our poll question from last week, many of you were disappointed with the quality as well and quickly moved back to Windows Phone 8.1 after installing it.

As I mentioned earlier, 34% of you were disappointed with this build after waiting 55 days for it to be released.  Prior to build 10051 there had only been the one release back on 12 February for Windows 10 Mobile and that was to a very limited number of handsets.  While this build did go out to a much larger batch of devices 30% of you ended up resetting your phone back to Windows Phone 8.1 because it was not ready to be a daily driver.

Although I did install this build on my Nokia Lumia 1520 for an initial test the upgrade failed to install the new Outlook Mail and Calendar apps so I did a hard reset like 16% of you also opted to do. I could not stay there though because of continuing instability and after a couple of hours selected to run it only on a backup phone along with 23% of you all.

So far build 10051 runs OK on a Nokia Lumia 830 and I continue to test on that handset but I am disappointed that I can not try it as a daily driver at this point.  At some point a preview needs to be stable enough to be put to use everyday in your normal usage scenarios.  Hopefully, we will get that build soon.

Microsoft's BUILD 2015 is next week in San Francisco so I expect we will see a new build either late this week or it will be released at the beginning of the conference.

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