POLL RESULTS: Project Spartan First Impressions

POLL RESULTS: Project Spartan First Impressions

Our poll question from this past week asked what your initial impressions were of Microsoft's new web browser code named Project Spartan.

In build 10049 of Windows 10 on desktops we finally got the first public view of this new browser which is expected to be the default web interface on consumer PC's and other Windows devices.

There has been a lot of excitement and anticipation building for this new browser ever since the first rumors of its existence hit the web and we saw the first official public demo back in January.

So we wanted to know what you all thought of this new modern browser and it seems overall impressions were fairly positive.

On our scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest score, 50% of you thought the initial release of Project Spartan was a 4/5 and 25% of you felt it was down at a 1/2 score. Twice as many positive compared to negative impressions.

In turn that left 27% you who scored it right in the middle with a 3, neither good or bad, which is along the lines of an OK or so far-so good.

Based on some of the comments we had during the poll this makes sense as many had pros/cons about the browser however, they also found it in good shape for a first public release.

Hopefully, the progress continues as we look for new builds in the future.

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