POLL RESULTS: Most will install Windows 10 in first 30 days of availability

POLL RESULTS: Most will install Windows 10 in first 30 days of availability

There are just six weeks left until Windows 10 will become available to Windows 7 and 8.1 users as a free upgrade.

When Microsoft announced 29 July as the availability date for Windows 10 it started an avalanche of questions, many of them not clearly answered yet, about how the upgrade would work in various user scenarios.

While that information still needs to be clarified by the Redmond company one question that 70% of you have answered very clearly is your intent to upgrade to Windows 10 within the first 30 days of its availability.

More than 50% of you who answered last week's poll question plan to perform that upgrade on Day 1 when it becomes available.

Here is a small reality about 29 July as it relates to Windows 10 - it is not actually Day 1 of its availability.

Yes, it is going to be Day 1 of the widespread release of the final version of Windows 10, what is commonly referred to as Release To Manufacturing (RTM), but the new operating system has been installed, reinstalled and tested by nearly four million Windows Insiders since last Fall.

I also expect Microsoft will make the RTM version of Windows 10 available to those same Insiders ahead of the 29 July public availability date.

As we learned last week from the Windows Feedback Team, the first few days after a new build is released to Insiders, Microsoft receives nearly 80,000 pieces of data to help them evaluate the build.

By providing the RTM build of Windows 10 to Insiders early this would give Microsoft an opportunity to see how those installations go and publish any fixes via Windows Update that are necessary. That way any minor bugs can be addressed on Day 1 for most public upgraders.

Having the Get Windows 10 App installed on you machine might be useful to get the final bits pre-downloaded on your system as it appears there might be a lot of users hitting the download servers on that public Day 1 of availability.

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