POLL RESULTS: Microsoft and its summer RTM deadline for Windows 10

POLL RESULTS: Microsoft and its summer RTM deadline for Windows 10

Last week we asked whether you thought it was possible for Microsoft to make their stated summer release of Windows 10 based on the progress you have seen so far.

Of course, when we posted that poll in on Monday morning we did not expect to see build 10049 released later that same day. In fact, 10049 was the second Windows 10 build released in a two week period of time.

Prior to that there had only been one other public release, build 9926 back in January, for 2015 but the quicker release pace was seen as a good sign by many Windows Insiders.

Now, whether that continues is yet to be seen and if it does then it will certainly help to build confidence in that summer release date.

However, all of you are fairly evenly split on Microsoft making that summer release date up to this point:


Many of you responded to that poll and indicated that Microsoft has to get this release correct and not repeat the mistakes of the Windows 8 launch and if that means missing the summer release timeframe then do it so that Windows 10 heads out the door ready for mass consumption.

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