POLL RESULTS: Hamburgers for almost everyone

POLL RESULTS: Hamburgers for almost everyone

As more universal apps have been previewed on Windows 10 across desktop and phone devices it has become very apparent that the Hamburger Menu has found a spot in the design of these new apps.

Two weekends ago this reality received a huge push forward when a former member of the Office for Windows Phone team held his own Reddit Ask Me Anything and talked about the design of Windows 10 Mobile.

Based on that and what we are seeing in the latest builds of Windows 10 the Hamburger Menu is sticking around and that does not appear to be changing anytime soon.

This week is Microsoft’s BUILD 2015 developer conference so it is expected that more about Windows 10 design will be discussed. Those discussions should bring about some clarity about where Microsoft is headed with the overall look and functionality of the OS including the Hamburger Menus.

Last week we asked you about your opinion on the Hamburger Menu and you clearly preferred it by almost a 100 vote difference.

Hamburger Menu Poll Results

By the way, as I was checking out BUILD 2015 related apps over the weekend, I did discover one silent protest against the Hamburger Menu in an app called //DRINK/ The Build Party Guide:

Hamburger Menu in App Protest

Just tap on the Hamburger Menu on the apps main screen to see it for yourself.

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