POLL RESULTS - To continue or not continue as an Insider - that is the question.

POLL RESULTS - To continue or not continue as an Insider - that is the question.

Over the last week we have been asking what your plans are relating to continuing in the Windows 10 Insiders Program once Windows 10 becomes generally available on 29 July 2015.

There are 80% of you who plan to maintain your status as Insiders - 68% on your desktop and 12% in a Virtual Machine. After a very inconsistent string of build releases for Insiders I was surprised to see this number so high.

Choosing to continue as an Insider means you are also opting to have an activated copy of Windows 10 however, that copy/build will expire at some point if you choose to opt out of the program down the road.  If you stay in the program and continued to install post release updated builds of Windows 10 then that installation will not timeout.

For myself I plan to continue in the program as well. My plan is to single boot Windows 10 RTM on my main desktop; dual boot Windows 10 RTM on my secondary desktop with Windows 10 enrolled in the Insider program as that allows me to have a copy on actual hardware. My HP Stream 7 will get Windows 10 RTM immediately as well since it is a great device for testing tablet mode.

After those I will also run an instance of Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine on my main desktop with the install on a spare solid state drive so I can quickly access it from there. VM's on SSD's run quite fast on the right hardware.

That leaves my HP Spectre x360 which I will initially leave on Windows 8.1 and the second Spectre system I have for testing will get Windows 10 as an Insider to explore new builds after RTM.

Depending on how the overall experience goes with Windows 10 RTM I expect to upgrade my own Spectre to that once I have everything else set up and running.

What are your post Windows 10 RTM plans? How will you use Windows 10 on your hardware setup.

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