One List for All the New Windows 10 Announcements

One List for All the New Windows 10 Announcements

As the days, and probably, weeks roll on, we'll be adding detailed coverage and commentary for each of the specific announcements Microsoft made during its latest Windows 10 event. Based on the scorecard I submitted, Microsoft did pretty well to cover almost all of the rumors.

The only pieces they left uncovered or unmentioned from my list were:

  • Upgrade path for Surface RT and Surface 2 (during the post-event Q&A, Terry Myerson indicated they "are working on it")
  • Microsoft Universal Store to support iOS and Android
  • Lumia Camera features built into Windows 10 Mobile OS
  • Mixview
  • Xbox Live for iOS and Android
  • New Hybrid device (phone/laptop)
  • Renaming/rebranding IE

Consider this article a living post. As we deliver coverage on each unique feature, we'll update this doc with the links to that coverage so you can always have a central index to find them. Plus, it'll give you a good idea of what you can expect us to cover.

Here's the list of announcements from the January 21, 2015 Windows 10 event:


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